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Rain. Rain. So much rain!

January 1

This spring has brought a downfall, not only with immediate impact many roof systems, but potential long term problems and leaks. It’s a time for building owners and property managers to take a close look at roofing and drains. You may not have a leak right now, but unseen and uninspected, debris that has accumulated around roof drains may cause significant problems. If water is not draining properly from your roof system, standing water will add excessive weight to the deck and compromise the roof membrane, even weaken and damage the deck itself. Weakened membranes and decks result in standing water, ultimately leading to bigger issues such as leaks and costly roof repairs. Inspecting and clearing drains and downspouts is the easy, affordable choice in preventative maintenance that preserves the integrity of a roof system and protects the entire building and interiors. This includes commercial roofing and residential, home roofing and gutters as well. For commercial buildings, owners and property managers should clean drains, scuppers and gutters of foreign material. Also inspect all flashings. Any open flashings should be sealed. If there is evidence of standing water or evidence of soft, depressed or worn areas in the roof surface, contact a qualified commercial roofer to request a free inspection. Better to know if there are issues, whether you are able to address them immediately or plan for future maintenance and repairs. Should you have any questions or need service and assistance, Smith Roofing will be happy to respond. Contact us by email to or call Smith Roofing at 614-447-8293. We are Commercial and Residential Roofing experts, exceptionally qualified with significant expertise in all types of roofing systems. We serve commercial and residential clients in greater Columbus and surrounding communities in Central Ohio. For more information, explore our website at


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