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Commercial Flat Roof Systems

Multi-ply Roofing Systems

Built–Up Roofing (BUR)

The original flat roof system designed with variety of fiberglass ply sheets with inter-moppings of asphalt, and finished off with a smooth surface, gravel surface, or mineral surface cap sheet. This system has been around for over 100 years and remains the standard for premium quality commercial roofing systems. For more on the choice of Built-Up Roofing, visit our BUR Systems page.

Modified Bitumen

A roof system using modified smooth asphaltic sheets with inter-ply moppings of asphalt and finished off with a mineral surface modified cap sheet.

Single-ply Roof Systems


The rubber roof system installed either in a ballast of rocks, fully adhered, or mechanically fastened. This single ply roof system can be left smooth surface or coated with an Elastomeric Coating. EDPM is available in .045 or .060 membrane.


This is a heat-weld roofing system available in White, tan, or gray in .045, .060, and .080 membranes. White TPO roofing along with quality insulation is a leading choice in energy-saving systems.


This is a poly vinyl chloride heat welded roofing system. Best used in areas where grease is present, like restaurants.

Insulation Types

ISO board

Highest “R” value per thickness of insulation. Ohio’s requirement for new commercial roofs is R-20 insulation.

Tapered Insulation

Eliminate standing water (ponding) on your roof by installing a tapered roof system. This system is custom designed for each roof, engineered and installed to move water to the drains and avoid standing water that can damage roof membranes.

Roof Coatings

We also provide roof coating and recoating options that can be a component of new roofing systems or a way to extend the life of an existing roof. Elastomeric Coatings are a primary category, designed and specially formulated to flex with roof expansion and contraction.


Other roof coatings include Aluminum Fibrated Coating, which is aluminum pigmented asphaltic coatings with fibers to coat the roof with an aluminum reflective appearance, and Asphalt Fibrated Coating, which is an asphalt coating used to extend the life of a smooth surface roof.


For more information commercial roof coatings, visit our Re-Coat & Refurbish page.