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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging


Just as in Medicine, curing roof leaks requires proper diagnosis to assure effective treatment of the cause, the source of the leak. Thermal Imaging, along with roof repair expertise, is the technology that provides detailed insight into leak detection and tracing issues to the source for comprehensive diagnosis and repair solutions. This specialized Smith Roofing service assures you of the most comprehensive approach to leak repairs and lasting results.

Commercial & Residential Thermal Inspections

Our infrared camera measures and photographs the non visible INFRARED LIGHT emitted by all objects. This allows us to visualize very minute gradients in the surface temperatures of materials, such as walls and ceilings. Infrared technology is highly effective at detecting moisture issues even before they become visible to the eye. It also provides insight to insulation and air infiltration deficiencies and electrical component malfunctions. Our Certified Smith Roofing Thermographer is trained and qualified to perform thermal scans in conjunction with your conventional roofing inspection or as a stand alone service.

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When storm damage or deterioration compromise the integrity of your roof, repairs are essential. Any evidence of roof leaks should be investigated and addressed with urgency. Any leaks can seriously damage a home or commercial building, including the property that's inside of it. Along with roof and structural damage, internal building and property damage can result in significantly higher costs, including lost revenue in the case of a business and tenants.

As a property owner, whether you have residential property or commercial property, finding the right roof repair solution is important. You want repairs completed quickly and correctly the first time. Inaccurate or incomplete repair is the number one problem that people find in the roofing industry. Roof repair that effectively stops leaks, and quality repairs to preempt leaks and structural damage, are crucial. You need to have a completely sealed roof to protect your property. If you do not have the repairs done right the first time, with a guarantee, you may spend hundreds of additional dollars on future work to address the original problem and additional damage. You need roof repair from roofing experts such as Smith Roofing with a high skill set and experience.

Repairs and Maintenance

Whether you need a one time roof repair or the security of an ongoing preventative maintenance program, Smith Roofing provides quality you can count on to protect your property investment, and if repairs are needed to do the job right. We provide on-site inspection and repair estimate free of charge. If indications suggest the need or benefit of our Thermal Imaging service, we can provide this service at the most efficient cost possible. For any and all roof repair work we execute on your behalf, our expertise also comes with a Peace of Mind guarantee. Contact Smith Roofing for details today, especially if you have an existing problem that needs attention. Smith Roofing is at your service with quality you can count on... peace of mind guaranteed.

24/7 Emergency Response

Smith Roofing maintains a full-time staff devoted to roof maintenance and repair. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide prompt and efficient roof repair services for our customers.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive way to determine moisture intrusion. When accompanied by digital photographs it is the best way to determine the condition of your roof, to identify moisture, and trace leaks to the source without compromising the integrity of your walls, ceilings and the roof itself. Contact Smith Roofing for more information about Thermal Imaging to address your needs today.