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Smith Roofing is a full-service roofing company; experts in all areas of commercial roofing and committed to assuring the right choices and options for our clients and their properties. If an aging roof or ponding water is a growing concern, call on Smith to consider cost-saving restoration options that may be favorable to roof replacement.


Elastomeric Coating can extend the life of your roof at about 1/3 the cost of re-roofing. These coatings are roofing applied in a viscous state. Elastomeric coatings have elastic properties that can stretch in summer heat and then return to original shape without damage. Elastomeric coatings usually contain polymeric materials, such as acrylic, and a white pigment to make them opaque and reflective. An Elastomeric Coating is applied thicker than paint, and can be used on virtually any substrate including asphalt built-up roofing, concrete, metal, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam and single ply roofing.

Call Smith Roofing to consider roof coating to extend the life of your roof an additional 10-12 years. It could be the smartest, most affordable choice for your property investment and value. You can also write to us through our Contact Us page.


Poor drainage on commercial roofs can result in damage far more destructive than either wind or other natural elements. Ponded water and freeze-thaw cycles can result in costly repairs and even pre-mature roof failure. A positive sloped roof system is essential to assure reduced maintenance and less stress to the building structure.

If allowed to continue, ponding water will shorten the life expectancy of a roof membrane. Standing water adds weight, causes sagging, and leads to larger, heavier ponding that ultimately results in structural damage. Leakage and the associated damage can be costly, from extensive repairs to complete roofing system replacement.

With a properly installed Tapered Insulation System, standing water can be eliminated and the life of your roof can be significantly extended. Restoring proper drainage and the integrity of your roof membrane, tapered roofing is an option that restores years to the life your roof and also greatly reduces likelihood of leaks and related damage to your property.

Smith Roofing can design a tapered roof system to add the needed slope to your roof, and with expert installation to restore your roof to good health and extended life. Call Smith Roofing or go to our Contact Us page to request a free inspection to consider this and all your best options today.