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Tuckpointing & Caulking

Important Reasons For Tuckpointing & Caulking

Thermal Imaging Thermal Imaging

Tuckpointing is the art of replacing cracked or missing mortar and refilling these joints with new mortar to restore original condition. Tuckpointing and caulking are important maintenance services to protect a building against dampness and unwanted water entry. Tuckpointing will restore the cosmetic appeal of your building, protect structural integrity of the building exterior, and help protect your property against leaks and interior damage. Water entry is the most significant risk where mortar, brick and coping are compromised by cracks and deterioration.

Areas where water entry is possible are:

Thermal ImagingCorrect Tuckpointing includes cutting away cracked mortar and missing mortar sections about 1/2" to 1" of the current mortar and fill with new mortar. Minor cracks cane be repaired with caulking.

Waterproofing can stop water from penetrating brick and mortar. Moisture will otherwise age and deteriorate brick prematurely and penetrate the building. In many cases what is thought to be a roof leak is moisture entering structure through aged brick, cracked mortar, missing mortar, or spalled or cracked brick. Caulking of voids between brick & mortar, windows, walls, and other openings will prevent unwelcome water in you building.

Thermal ImagingServices We Provide:


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