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Gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and gutter replacement are all available with exceptional results from the experts at Smith Roofing. For warrantied, first quality products and service second to none, Smith is the name you can count on to protect your home or business.

Quality Gutters and Downspouts are Essential

Quality gutters and downspouts, properly installed and maintained, are essential to the life of your home. Leaking, damaged gutters, poorly installed gutter systems, or clogged and inadequately maintained gutters can lead to significant and costly problems. By collecting and carrying water safely away from the home, your gutter system protects your home in many ways. Here are several reasons why your rain gutters are so important:

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters and downspouts also require maintenance. Homeowners must keep gutters clean and in working order, because clogged gutters that accumulate leaves and soil, or downspouts inhibited by live weeds and vines, will cause a host of problems. Here are some problems that clogged gutters cause:

How often gutters should be cleaned depends on your home, including proximity of trees to the roof line, and the slope of your roof. Low sloped roofs can require more frequent cleaning.

Properly Installed Gutters

A properly installed gutter system will include seamless gutters on every sloped roof edge. Your gutters should not leak, should not retain standing water, and should be securely fastened to fascias. Downspouts must also be securely fastened to the home exterior and should not terminate close to the foundation, but have extended drainage above or underground to divert water away from the foundation.

Smith Roofing is pleased to serve Ohio homeowners and businesses with all types of 5" & 6" K style Gutters in Aluminum and Copper, as well as Box Gutters in 24 gauge and painted, pre finished steel. We provide expert, warrantied installation and optional gutter cleaning and maintenance services for homeowners and business properties. We also provide assistance with any insurance claims with any gutter repair and replacement services.

If your gutters need attention and service, call on Smith Roofing for a free inspection. Whether your gutter system requires cleaning, repairs or replacement, rely on Smith Roofing to offer the best and most affordable advice and options to keep your gutter system healthy and functioning to protect your home. Smith Roofing provides quality you can count on, and peace of mind guaranteed with all the products and services we provide for your gutters.

More About Quality Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters by Smith Roofing are custom fit and installed on your house or building by expertly trained gutter professionals. Each piece is measured and hung to ensure proper drainage. After measuring and stringing a line, the installers custom fabricate a seamless gutter to the exact length required. The seamless gutter is made from .027 or .032 gauge aluminum coil that travels through a machine consisting of numerous rollers. The coils consist of baked on enamel; this paint application ensures that there is no peeling during the forming process and also ensures long life in extreme weather conditions. Contact Smith Roofing to answer your needs for a gutter system or service that will ensure the drainage and protection your property deserves. You can also submit an inquiry or schedule a free inspection through our Contact Us page. Rely on Smith for Quality You Can Count On… Peace of Mind Guaranteed.